Coin counter and sorter SmartTec CY-6Coin counter and sorter SmartTec CY-6Coin counter and sorter SmartTec CY-6

Coin counter and sorter SmartTec CY-6

Coin sorter the SmartTec CY-6 for counting and sorting coins of mixed denominations. It has the function of rejecting foreign, broken and obsolete sums of coins. Mechanism for high daily load.

Advantages of the counter-sorter of coins:
  • The mechanism is designed for high load
  • Alloy sensor magnetically inductive 6-channel recognizes coins by diameter, thickness and alloy (determines the denomination)
  • Rejection of old versions of soum denominations of coins that are out of circulation, as well as rejection of foreign and deformed coins
  • The rail-and-rack (not disk) coin feed mechanism ensures accurate sorting of coins, does not allow jamming
  • Capacious loading and receiving trays. Loader holds 2000 coins 50 soums, receivers 1200 coins each
  • Easy access to self-cleaning mechanism
  • Light weight for ease of movement
  • Quietest in class
  • Batch is from 1 to 9999 coins
  • The presence of stabilizers that guide coins are unparalleled
  • Built-in thermal paper printer
  • Color touch LCD display
  • Saving the history of recalculations for each day during the year.

Application: A universal solution for any bank cash desk or retail trade and services (transport companies, supermarkets, wholesalers).

Coin counter and sorter SmartTec CY-6

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