Coin counter and sorter DORS CT3010

The DORS CT3010 is a compact office-class coin counter and sorter designed for counting and sorting by denomination.

Advantages of the coin sorter:
  • Possesses compact dimensions, allowing the sorter to be used in cash areas with increased requirements for the dimensions of cash registers
  • Automatic stop when the loading hopper is empty, as well as when the filling limit of any stacker is reached
  • The ability to view on the display both the total amount and the number of counted coins, and detailing for each denomination
  • Optionally the DORS CT3010 provides the ability to sort and count coins from any country in the world.

The DORS CT3010 has been successfully used for counting coins of one denomination at cash desks of retail and service enterprises with a small coin turnover.
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Overview video of the coin counter and sorter DORS CT3010

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