Repair and maintenance of vacuum machines

The professional service center BANKOMAT 24 carries out maintenance and repair of vacuum machines of popular brands in Tashkent and other cities of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Why choose us

Minimum 3 month warranty
for repairs and spare parts (the warranty period depends on the work performed)
Free diagnostics
to estimate the repair cost
Spare parts in stock
for popular models
Certified specialists
have been trained and have the required qualifications
Urgent repair from 1 day
(separate service)
Quality control
before delivery to the customer

List of brands

  • VAMA
  • Cassida
  • DORS
  • DoCash
  • And others
Popular malfunctions of vacuum machines
— Overheating packages
— Failures with vacuum pumping
— Noises
— Smoke, specific smell
— The vacuum machine does not turn on
— Does not weld the package
— Doesn't cut the package
— Vacuum does not work
— The cover is blocked (does not open and / or does not close)
Repair stages
(the specialist himself visits the customer when necessary)
Estimation of the repair cost
Drawing up a contract
Implementation of repair work
Drawing up a defective act
to justify the work performed (the client receives a document with equipment)
Payment for the service
Major repairs of vacuum equipment
— Replacing a teflon tape

— Replacement of a cutting spiral

— Replacement of a welding helix (mould)

— Change of oil
— Filter replacement

— Repair of relays (heating elements)

— Replacing the lifting mechanism's diaphragm

— Replacing the spring
— Replacing the pneumatic lifter

— Repair of heating element strips

— Vacuum setting

— etc.
Types of contracts
for service and repair of vacuum banking equipment
contract is concluded to pay for a specific service performed
the service center provides the service according to the agreed schedule under the contract. Typically monthly or quarterly
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