Retirement and utilization of banking equipment

We provide services for retirement and utilization of obsolete banking equipment in Uzbekistan. We prepare damage reports to retire bill counters and sorters, packing machines, counterfeit detectors, etc.

Damage report for retirement and utilization

Your out-dated equipment is out of order and cannot be repaired? The specialists of the BANKOMAT24 service center prepare damage reports of the technical condition of the equipment for a financial or accounting department to make retirement. Recycling services are provided if necessary. Utilization includes dismantling, components sorting, direct waste destruction.

We prepare damage reports and utilize the following equipment:

  • Bill counters and sorters
  • Vacuum packing machines
  • Counterfeit detectors
  • Coin counters and sorters
  • Equipment for safe storage

Stages of work

Conclusion of a contract
Preparation of a damage report for each unit of equipment
Transfer documents to a customer
Utilization (if necessary)
Make a request for retirement, utilization