Video Wall Touch 55" Display DISPLAX TILE

The DISPLAX TILE is an ultra-thin display with a versatile 55" touch screen. It's designed for use in multiple layouts with maximum touch performance and a professional LCD display.

  • A 1 × 3 video wall display will always help attract more attention from retail stores or museums
  • Curved video walls provide greater visibility and the TILE makes them easier to manufacture and assemble
  • The TILE can be easily embedded in a spreadsheet, making your content stand out with its ultra-thin border!
  • A 3 × 3 layout is suitable for a conference room, or a larger 3 × 4 layout that's perfect for collaboration.
Patented technology:
DISPLAX currently has several pending or granted patents. The TILE technology is patented.

Lobbies, conference rooms, game rooms, curved touchscreen video walls, innovation rooms, showrooms, museums, research areas

Video of the wall touch 55" display TILE

International certificates
Designed for modern workplaces
The TILE is the best way to start a meeting with its sleek and revolutionary design! The TILE works with any software you want to use for your meetings and presentations. You can even put it on wheels and move around the office, bringing everyone together.
Enhances team collaboration
The TILE enables users to easily interact with content using robust drag-and-drop algorithms. Discover a flagship product that promises to connect people in a way that is totally natural and helps spread ideas.
The DISPLAX TILE was selected by rAVe as the Best New Collaboration Accessory at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All-in-one solution, plug-and-play technology designed for team and customer / supplier collaboration.
Recognizes objects
The DISPLAX TILE uses a Skin Ultra sensor, which allows object recognition. Create a tangible concept for your brand by connecting the physical world with the digital world, offering your customers a whole new interactive experience. You can have up to 6 tags running concurrently on each TILE.

Video of the wall touch 55" display TILE

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