Coin counter Magner 926

The Magner 926 is a high-performance coin counter with a sorted function designed for counting medium and large volumes of coins of the same denomination.

Benefits of the coin counter:
  • The add mode allows you to count a large amount of coins in the case when the capacity of the loading hopper may not be enough to process all available coins
  • The batch mode for counting the required number of coins. When the set value is reached, the Magner 926 automatically stops counting
  • Simple, but at the same time very precise mechanical adjustment for processing the denomination selected by a cashier. On the front panel of the Magner 926 there is a table of settings to help the cashier.

  • The Magner 926 is successfully used for counting coins at cash desks of retail and service enterprises with a large turnover of coins.
  • As for bank institutions, the Magner 926 is used at the counting office to reconcile incoming coins, packaged in bags.

Overview video of the coin counter Magner 926

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