Coin counter and sorter DORS 910

The DORS 910 is a professional coin counter and sorter designed for sorting coins by denomination and their authenticity verification. All damaged, counterfeit and foreign coins end up in the separate (reject) pocket.

Advantages of the coin counter and sorter:
  • Sorting coins by denomination with the ability to look at the display and print a detailed report on the built-in printer
  • A built-in alloy sensor
  • The presence of a reject pocket allows for continuous counting of coins, as well as sorting out deformed coins and coins of other currencies
  • Possibility of integration into the IT-system of the organization for the transfer of data on the counting of coins
  • As for credit institutions, the DORS 910 is used at the cash offices mainly for processing coins brought in cash-in-transit bags
  • As for retail and service enterprises, the DORS 910 is used to prepare small change for a cash-in-transit courier.
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