Authentication service, money counting

We introduce a service for counting, verifying the authenticity of US dollar bills and other currencies, as well as serial numbers of verified bills exporting. You will find out the exact total amount, whether all banknotes are genuine, copper bottomed and if there is any money with physical defects.

List of services

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Counting the total amount of money of any currency
Counting with authenticity verification
Totals display, identifying fakes and time-worn currency (with seals, stains, holes and other physical defects)
Counting with authenticity verification and serial numbers exporting
Totals display, identifying counterfeit and time-worn money, saving data with serial numbers of the counted currency
Arrival (additional service)
Arrival on the territory of the transaction is possible

Why export serial numbers?

If your customer informs you that one of the banknotes that were accepted from you is counterfeit, you can check by the serial numbers whether this banknote was actually given by you. This is a kind of insurance.
Why customers trust us
The main reasons for contacting us
We are a professional supplier of banks
Our key customers are banks in Uzbekistan. We supply advanced counting and sorting equipment to branches and cash centers of banks for counting large amounts of cash and for authenticity verification at an expert level. We verify authenticity using professional banking equipment. We identify fakes, copper bottomed and time-worn banknotes. If necessary, we can prove the authenticity of doubtful bills.
We do NOT seize fakes
Unlike banks, we do not keep banknotes with suspicious authenticity. If you go to the bank office to verify authenticity and it turns out that some bills are fakes, a cashier is obliged to inform a supervisor and law enforcement agencies, remove the fake and prepare a cash order, which is certified by a signature and seal of the bank employees. The seized amount of money is not refundable.
We respect the principle of confidentiality
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