Queue management system Q-net Pro in UzbekistanQueue management system Q-net Pro in Uzbekistan

Queue management system Q-net Pro

Q-net Pro is an electronic queue management system (QMS) from the European manufacturer Q-net International Ltd., Hungary. Stable long-term performance and extensive software capabilities are the key characteristics of Q-net Pro queue that make this electronic queuing system attractive.

Advantages of Q-net Pro:
  • Reliability in terms of software and hardware components (in Uzbekistan since 2011)
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Detailed statistics and online monitoring for analysis
  • Prioritization of VIP clients and privileged citizens (disabled people, veterans) in the queue thanks to card identification
  • Sound recording of a conversation between an operator and a client to resolve controversial issues
  • Notification of responsible employees in each bank branch about events related to the operation of the system via SMS or email. For example, the paper for printing coupons has run out, the temperature of the machine controller is too high
  • Pre-registration in the queue through the online service. Clients can plan their time
  • Chains of services: in the case of a strict sequence of windows, one coupon is enough to complete all procedures
  • Multilingual: a ticket in the requested language, as well as a call to an operator who speaks this language. Relevant in serving foreign citizens
  • Send statistical reports according to schedule and upload them to Excel, SVG, PDF, etc.

In comparison with other electronic queue management systems in Uzbekistan, Q-net Pro offers the most comprehensive report on services with statistics and online monitoring of all operations (you can configure your report) - how many clients came and left, service time for each client, client waiting time, how long customers were served by each operator and for how long, broken down by service, and so on. There are statistics on branches and operators (the most and least productive). Each ticket can be tracked and analyzed.

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