Bill counter and sorter Hitachi ST-150NF (Magner 175F)

The Hitachi ST-150NF (Magner 175F) is a professional bill counter and sorter from South Korea (manufacturer - Hitachi). The machine is designed to work in a bank, a wholesale company, at a large retailer - at a cash desk with a large cash turnover, where it is necessary to quickly and accurately calculate banknotes, automatically verify them for authenticity and prepare them for a cash-in-transit courier (denomination and orientation modes).

✓ Tested by the European Central Bank and included in the "List of Recommended Equipment"

Benefits of the banknote sorter:
  • Powerful mechanics are designed for intensive use
  • The machine is not "afraid" of dust
  • Counts mixed bundles of money in the Mix mode
  • Defines a different denomination in a bundle
  • Unmistakable detection of currency counterfeits
  • A wide range of currencies - sum, US dollar, euro, ruble, etc.
  • Identifies worn-out sum and US dollar bills (with dirt, holes, stamps, adhesive tape, etc.)
  • Compares serial numbers and identifies glued bills
  • Exports serial numbers of US dollars and sums (Excel file or print)
  • Remote customer display, receipt printer, the ChekTV video surveillance (options)
  • 12 months warranty.
Official brand products only
✓ Only original, certified products
✓ Service in authorized service centers
✓ Manufacturer's warranty

Who uses Hitachi ST-150NF (Magner 175F)

Overview video of the banknote counter and sorter Hitachi ST-150NF (Magner 175F)

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