Bill counter and sorter Hitachi iH-110 series

The Hitachi iH-110 is a new generation banknote counter and sorter. The machine counts the amount and quantity and verifies bills at the same time. It is designed to work at a cash-desk with a large turnover of money. It identifies forgeries and defaults (glued bills with different serial numbers). It sorts by face value, orientation and fitness. Fitness parameters are presented in the table below. The model is manufactured in South Korea. 12 months warranty.

✓ Tested by the European Central Bank and included in the "List of Recommended Equipment"

High speed processing technologies:
  • Double FULL Color CIS technology
  • Serial number comparison at high speed
  • Export serial numbers to Excel, JPG, TXT, etc.
  • 18 currencies can be installed (simultaneously)
  • Multi-currency deposit (Counting mixed currencies and automatic recognition)

Convenient system:
  • Low noise level
  • Capacious hopper
  • Easy customization of the interface for a cashier
  • Russian interface
  • Easy access to the path
Official brand products only
✓ Only original, certified products
✓ Service in authorized service centers
✓ Manufacturer's warranty

Who uses Hitachi iH-110

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Short video of the bill counter and sorter Hitachi iH-110 series

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