Banknote counter DoCash 3200 Value (VCB 1600)

DoCash 3200 Value (VCB 1600) is a multi-currency banknote counter with value function This function allows you to count bundles of money of mixed denominations and see on the screen not only the quantity, but also the amount of the money in sums, dollars, euros.

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Advantages of the DoCash 3200 Value (VCB 1600) model:
  • Mix mode for counting banknotes of different denominations
  • Denomination mode for sorting banknotes of different denominations in a bundle
  • Three popular currencies: sum, US dollar, euro
  • Authentication
Recommended for use at a cash register with a small cash turnover.

Overview video of the banknote counter DoCash 3200 Value (VCB 1600)

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