Vacuum packing machine HENKOVAC T3

HENKOVAC T3 is a one-piece high-capacity vacuum packing machine with a German pump 8 or 16 m³/h.

Advantages of the one-pack vacuum packing machine:
  • The fastest cycle speed in the class - from 10 sec
  • Henkovac's trenn cut-off helix (1.1 mm braided cable) provides 10 times longer service life compared to analogues. Other brands have solid wires that last a maximum 6 months
  • German vacuum pump 8 or 16 m³/h (BUSCH, Germany)
  • Welding spiral 5 mm wide
  • The quietest among analogs
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Transparent lid for monitoring packaging progress
  • Digital time control
  • Pump maintenance and cleaning program
  • The sealing strip can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance (it is fastened with clips, not screws as in analogs)
  • The sizes of the cliches are identical to those of the brands MULTIVAC, VAMA, Henkelman, DORS, Cassida
  • Country of origin - the Netherlands.
Designed for packing banknotes in plastic bags under vacuum with information on the welded seal of the plastic packaging.
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