Automatic counterfeit detector DORS 230

The DORS 230 is a banknote detector that automatically detects counterfeit currencies. A cashier does not need to know anything, it is enough just to insert a bill for verification. The device "scans" several security features of each bill. If a scanned bill is genuine, its denomination is displayed on the screen. If it's counterfeit, the screen displays a red message "Banknote declined".

✓ Tested by the European Central Bank and included in the "List of Recommended Equipment"

Advantages of the automatic currency detector:
  • 100% fake detection
  • 66 currencies as standard, including Uzbek sum, US dollar, euro, tenge and other currencies popular in Uzbekistan
  • Currencies are detected automatically (no need to switch anything)
  • Portable detector for "out of the office" verification (ask for a model with battery)
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fast software updates
  • 12 months warranty.

The DORS 230 currency detector is designed both for use in a bank and outside banking organizations where there is a need for banknote verification.
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✓ Service in authorized service centers
✓ Manufacturer's warranty

Who uses DORS 230

Overview video of the counterfeit detector DORS 230

How to update the DORS 230?
Click this link to download the files which are necessary for updating
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