10x and more magnifier with IR and white illumination DORS 1010

The DORS 1010 is a portable video-spectral magnifier that allows seeing security features of currencies authenticity and security printed products in the infrared spectrum (IR) and with white illumination with a magnification of 10 times or more.

Benefits of the magnifier:
  • Visual expert control of high quality counterfeits such as "super counterfeits" of US dollars
  • Increasing capabilities of viewing currency detectors
  • Easy to use - there is only one button on the device to switch modes
  • 12 months warranty.

Types of control:
  • Control in top white light with magnification for a detailed study of the types and methods of printing, microprinting, microperforation, detecting printing defects and possible erasures
  • Infrared control with magnification for a detailed study of the printing method and the quality of execution of image fragments applied with IR metameric inks.

The DORS 1010 video spectral magnifier is completed with the DORS 1250 series and DORS 1300 currency detectors.
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