MEI brand

Founded with the aim of creating more advanced automated cash accepting devices
Mars Inc. founded MEI in 1969 with the goal of developing better automated cash pick-up devices for the vending business. MEI received a patent for the world's first electronic coin acceptor. This was followed by the world's first cassette stacker which was patented in 1975.
In 2003, MEI bought Conlux, a Japanese leader in coin acceptors and banknote validators. In 2006, MEI was bought by Advantage Partners and Bain Capital. In 2013, the MEI brand (MEI Conlux Holdings) became a part of Crane Payment Innovations.
MEI has production units and offices in the USA, UK, Mexico, Switzerland and Japan. The total staff of the company includes more than 800 employees working all over the world.

MEI components for payment terminals